Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty Bugs!

As a few of you know this weekend I visited Ypsilanti, MI for a Volkswagon show. It was a gorgeous day (so glad the forecasters were wrong!) and the air cooled VW's were all bright and shiny. These are my pictures from the day, no post editing done here, straight as I took them. Makes me happy that I am getting a tad better at the all manual mode.

check out the sticker : )

loved the green.

a convex image of our ride

dancing bears. a popular theme...

showing off the backside, with
awesome new plates

so many VW's... where to start?

another '63. it was in amazing shape!

awwww...  it needs a good home.

found some folk who like oberon as much as us!

convertable ghia

hot-rod bug

My ride to the show.... proudly sporting a lugage rack

if there is gold at the end of the rainbow,
does this mean hops=gold?
when we arrived home the rose bush was in full bloom.

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