Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Best Friends Wedding

So its finally official. On 5-15-11 one of my best friends got married. I am so proud of her and she looked fantastic on her big day. I was not the "on scene" photographer, but couldnt help posting a few of my favs. for those who wanted a sneak peak at the big day.

it aint easy being beautiful.

the hall... all decked out

dress pic #1

dress pic #2

peek-a-boo bride

almost there!

leading the way

her last few "single" steps ; )

I think she is glowing!

It's official!

the scrumptious cake

thier first dance.

my personal favorite

the flower girl

Cutting the cake!

they were very polite.

the rings

making the rounds.

Well that was a quick tour. I know she will have many more pictures to show off to family and friends after she returns from vacation. Feel free to leave me any coments, suggestions, or even just what your favorite picture was of the event.

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